Absolute Digital Media Reviews Ranking Factors

(PRWEB UK) 1 July 2013

The article, 10 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats Weve Seen This Week, published 28th June in Econsultancy, details the results of the Rank Correlation 2013 Study. This years report reveals that the importance of keywords in the domain/URL has significantly decreased in comparison to 2012, achieving a correlation score of just 0.03, down from 0.11. As expected, social signals have played a larger role in the ranking process. Google Plus showed the strongest correlation with ranking, followed by Facebook. Twitter and Pinterest on the other hand demonstrated a lower level of correlation.

With a strong dedication to researching the latest industry trends and developments, the team at Absolute Digital Media were eagerly awaiting the outcome of the 2013 report. Head of Search Matt Wood explains the fast changing nature of SEO.

In the past year or so we have noticed some big changes in the way the search engines rank websites, with more naturally optimised sites taking precedence over those which rely on high quantities of links. As expected, social signals are becoming more influential. Based on these findings, our advice would be to pay particular attention to Google Plus. Not only does keeping an active profile within this network allow you to improve your rankings, it is also one of the fastest growing social media sites, putting you in touch with a wider audience.

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