Commercial Real Estate SEO Firm ARME Announces Web Development Toolkit for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

Back in 2012, Google made some changes to its ad program from pay-to-play to product listing ads, PLA. For a commercial real estate agency working on its SEO package, this can be a great boon for business.

It is still a fairly new time for PLA, and because of that, many Commercial real estate agencies stand an excellent chance of increasing their customer base with quality SEO in their particular city, said Simon Landers of, a commercial real estate SEO firm in Clearwater FL.

ARMERealty does SEO for residential and commercial real estate agencies. Best of all, works specifically and only with real estate companies. An agency looking to expand SEO practices with commercial SEO need look no further than

Commercial real estate SEO is a highly niched group. Having a professional group like working with an agency on the SEO is vital to the new Google PLA campaign. It is still fresh into 2013, so there is ample opportunity to rank highly on the search engine results pages, said Landers.

Commercial real estate SEO means working closely with the agency on keywords, key phrases and building back links for the agency. can even help with the specific zip code of commercial real estate, something large, general SEO companies cannot do.

Commercial real estate is much different from residential real estate in sales and customer base. A Commercial real estate agency must carefully look for the best SEO group for their Internet marketing success. has a complete web tool kit that meets the needs of any commercial real estate agency.

For more information about ARME and their programs call their number at (727) 459-8841 or visit the website today.

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