Duck Duck Go!

This is another search engine, but it is far better than Google! There is absolutely no spam sites! NOTE: This is not me in the video.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

12 thoughts on “Duck Duck Go!

  1. The are some minor issues with it though – for example, the lack of autocorrection. If you misspelled the word, it won’t correct it like Google does (which corrects it right in more than 90% of the cases). The second thing is that when you forget to switch language and type something in the language other than english, it won’t correct that either.

  2. DuckDuckGo for websearches (like former Google without the tons of useless s-) and ixquick for image searches (has old image layout Google used to have). Both loving privacy.

  3. I like the idea of duck duck go but after I used it a week I frustrated since it didn’t work as well as google (which is good thing because it’s its point). Google is far more better if I know what I’m looking for. Duck duck go is maybe better when I want to discover something new. At least in small country duck duck go is painful to use since inaccurate domestic searches. But still big ups for Duck duck go for being something else than google.

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