Email is Dying – Web Users Want RSS Feeds, Not Email. It Looks Like You Need an RSS Feed. What Do You Do Now? Help! My RSS Creator Comes to the Rescue!

(PRWEB) February 16, 2005

E-mail marketing is creating major problems for businesses. Customers just don’t want to communicate via email. They are drowning in useless messages flooding their inbox. The solution to this problem is to give web users your information via an RSS Feed.

RSS is a fast growing trend online with articles recently written in the following publications: USA Today, Fortune, Business Week, Forbes, London Times Online, and many more. RSS is changing the face of the web and web surfers behavior very rapidly.

Users can easily choose to get your news from your RSS feed and you now have a direct line of communication to them. RSS is a very powerful marketing tool for your web site or business.

Users can easily add your RSS news feed from your business directly to their Yahoo & MSN pages or feed reader. But what is even more powerful than this, is having a RSS feed that users can now find in the search engines.

This allows users to find your business when they might never have been able to find you in the sea of millions of websites. Think of your RSS Feed as a beacon of light that will allow web users to find your business RSS feed and web site in the major search engines such as Yahoo, MSN & Google.

Until now you had to be a programmer or hire a consultant to set up an RSS feed for your business. This is no longer the case with a new web based service from that will automatically create, publish, promote and host an RSS feed for your business.

But there is much more that is required for a successful RSS feed than just simply creating an RSS feed. You need to be able to submit it to the search engines & directories, and market and promote the feed so that people can easily subscribe to your RSS feed.

My RSS has made it easy to publish, submit, host, manage, and promote your RSS feed in 1 easy to use RSS Publishing & Management system. This web based system requires no software and the RSS Wizard does all the work for you.

If you can send an email, then you can create and manage an RSS news feed for your business in 3 easy steps. Learn more at

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