FREE SEO Workshop

FREE SEO Workshop
Event on 2013-04-02 18:00:00
Basic Search Engine Optimization
Everything starts with basic with basic Search Engine Optimization. In this workshop we will discuss the basics. Learn how to setup basic onsite optimization.

Did you know that with some basic simple onsite optimization could make the difference of NEVER BEING FOUND in Google to BEING FOUND? All because your website is NOT Search Engine friendly and they can't understand what your trying to say! Even worst, they can't understand what your saying…

In this workshop I will show you how to fix this. By the time you leave, you will understand the basics to SEO.

Join us for our first Meetup!

In this Meetup we will be covering the

"Basic's to Search Engine Optimization"

You will learn What To Do (SEO Do's):

Meta Tags
Title Tags
Description Tags
Keyword Tags – yes most SERP's don't pay attention to this anymore, but…
Keyword Density
Clean SEO Search Engine friendly URL's
*Internal Link Structure – help Search Engines understand what your trying to say.
*XML Sitemaps

You will learn What Not To Do (SEO Don'ts):

Meta Tag Spaming
Title Tag Spaming
Description Spaming
Duplicate Content
Keyword Stuffing

There are so many SEO myths. Small and Big Businesses are getting scammed and ripped off every day. You don't have to be the next victim. My goal it to finally address the SEO myths and educate you into what SEO can really do for you.

Bring your questions and bring your website. No question related to SEO is a "Stupid Question" The Stupid Question is the Question you were afraid to ask…

During each workshop I plan to review a website. It could be yours.

*If time permits. Due to the extensive knowledge your going to receive in this "SEO Workshop", time may not permit us to cover everything.

at Valencia, California, United States

Valencia, United States

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