More CLIENTS, More CLOUT: Video Marketing Virtual Retreat

More CLIENTS, More CLOUT: Video Marketing Virtual Retreat
Event on 2014-06-28 12:00:00

Would you like to have 12,000 subscribers on YouTube? Would over 4 Million Video Views help your business grow??
Would you like to make videos that get RESULTS?!
 Then this class is for YOU!  Blast Your Biz and Your Brand With YouTube & Video Marketing
 Here's just a portion of what you'll learn:

  • Build a YouTube presence that makes you more marketable as a speaker or expert
  • MONETIZE your online presence
  • Create a YouTube show – giving you a "celebrity-like" credibility 
  • Attract your ideal clients or opportunities with simple online video
  • Where the pros go to find video topic ideas that generate targeted website traffic
  • Create emotionally compelling video that connects you heart-to-heart with your prospects
  • Breakthrough your "on-camera" terror barrier and step into the spotlight
  • On-camera charisma: how to shoot video with ease that attract more prospects and clients
  • On-camera technique:  how to look and sound your best
  • Cross platform Social Media Marketing
  • Turn video views into SALES!

Erin Huggins                           Bridget Brady

Video Marketing Guru                 Voice & Sales Genius



Erin Huggins is a holistic health and success coach, speaker, and freedom facilitator.  She has over 12,000 YouTube subscribers and over 3.8 Million video views.  She has left the world of brick and mortar and exploded her business via click and order through video marketing!  She now teaches her secrets and techniques to empower others to explode their business with simple video marketing techniques.


Bridget Brady has been a successful on camera actor, speaker and singer for over 20 years.  Also known as "The Voice & Sales Genius" she will share her secrets of correct vocal production, advanced sales techniques, and on camera charisma.  Bridget has also exploded her business through the use of online marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing.  She will help you look and feel your best in all your videos.


This Course will transform your business ON and OFF-Line!

June 28, 12 – 4 PM PST (3 – 7 PM EST)


If you're ready to leverage video to get MILLIONS of new prospects, clients and customers, you cannot afford to miss this class!



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at Calabasas, California, United States

Calabasas, United States

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