24 Replies to “The Future of Online Digital Marketing 2012 -2015”

  1. How I love watching your video. It’s very educating, an eye opener and update on the future of social media, how it influences our daily lives. Time will come that use of paper will be lessen due to the evolution of technology.

  2. Hi Raul thanks for uploading this very interesting video. Well done presentation. Very catchy to the viewers. The Music background suits into the video. It made me think about the future online digital marketing. This video allows us how technology evolves or grow every year. Social media is great influence to us humans.

  3. I would just like to emphasize that your video is very well presented and that they are comfortable to watch and the figures and patterns here are clearly presented. Great job on your video! I loved watching it and can say it wasn’t a waste of time.

  4. The Future of Online Digital Marketing 2012 -2015 When we speak of marketing, digital marketing is considered to be one of the most effective and economical as compared to all other Media. Digital marketing implies the advertising or marketing strategy to be followed in advertising through mobile, internet and such other electronic or digital Media. Importance of this medium of advertising is growing day by day and this has prompted many people to take up digital marketing as their profession. The Future of Online Digital Marketing 2012 -2015

  5. A simplistic presentation of the analytic with many areas concerned.. This would be more valuable if it had included the digitally synced devices of the BTL industry, RFID related activities too, There’s always more room for innovative approaches in Digital Marketing and Reputation Building..

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